Team training: FMEA workshop and training.

Quality management is developing into a focal point of activity at the Schnitzer Group with constantly growing customer demand. The well-known quality yodas Daniela Melzer and Wolfgang Strotmann have been able to develop a stable and efficient quality team in recent years. So it was time again to organize an intensive training for the team. A topic for 2023 was quickly found - PFMEA, an instrument for evaluating potential technical risks in the manufacturing process. In addition, FMEA includes the investigation of causal relationships between failure causes and failure modes in each process step as well as the failure sequence at the customer. Furthermore, PFMEA provides the representation of the current process development status and additionally definition, documentation, evaluation and tracking of optimization measures.

The external 3-day seminar was led by Hariet Wennmacher, Managing Director of HAWEN Engineering. The goal of the workshop was to bring all 18 colleagues on the same level, to discuss practical problems, projects and challenges. All participants could take a lot of practical knowledge for their daily work from the seminar leader, but also from the many PFMEA professionals present.


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