Complex supply chains determine the industrialization.

Making the impossible possible – with a culture of transparency

Part design, testing and development in Germany, mold design and feasibility in Eastern Europe, tool makers for kinematics, housings, blower, scrolls and all further single parts scattered around Northern Italy, India, China, Thailand and Japan. With over 40 companies involved it sounds like complex structures, a little bit like rocket science, doesn’t it?

This is just the supply chain network for the main components of your car heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), so you feel comfortable when it is too hot or too cold outside. Over the years, HVAC has evolved from primarily blowing heated or cooled air into an enclosed space to systems that maintain temperature, humidity and air quality. Within this setup, there are different levels of complexity that teams must deal with. It starts with data transfer for designs, technical difficulties, high-tech material manufacturing and goes back to intercultural, political and personal differences. Further, there are different stakeholders with various targets involved. A balance between weight, performance, sound, cost, smell, development time and much more is required.

With long termed experience, engineering background and open-minded work culture as well as team constellation, Schnitzer Group acts and feels familiar in exactly these minefield-like networks to achieve the best possible result for all participants. In the globalized world of technology, long-term competitiveness in international territory, is always based on a balance between supply and demand. In addition, a coherent, situation and project status-dependent combination of the technical and organizational instruments used is crucial for the success of the project.

It is only thanks to profound knowledge of technologies and all the organizational processes required for their respective implementation that it is possible to focus an eye on supply chains at all times and to keep them running reliably in challenging projects and environments. The prerequisite for this, however, is a high degree of internal and external networking, transparency and openness – often a major emotional and cultural challenge for companies, which entails a fundamental change in the way of working.

The teams of Schnitzer Group bring the necessary strategic know-how plus experience from countless international projects as expertise to support you in this important step. Systemic Project Managers have decades of experience in a variety of industries, technologies and cultures and support in the strategic technologization in all levels of the supply chain. Incidentally, with foreseeable success: Transparency and openness are not only essential during crisis situations. With a corporate culture based on these values, projects can even be managed that were previously marked as not feasible.


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