The somewhat different Christmas gift.

The Schnitzer Group colleagues surprised the managing directors Peter Kienzle and Peter Schnitzer at the Schnitzer Group Christmas party 2022 with a somewhat different “Christmas gift”.

A collection campaign which took place beforehand, resulted in a generous donation for a new house to be built in Uganda. This fundraising project was launched in autumn by Martin Schnitzer.

In 2018 the son of company owner Peter Schnitzer was in a children´s home in Uganda for two months to learn about the country and people as well as the social environment and to lend a hand. Martin Schnitzer is still in close contact with the host father of the home Emanuel Musoke and the chairwoman of the association Awamu – zusammen für Uganda e.v in Wangen, Margareta Riese.

They contacted Martin Schnitzer, as a safe and liveable home should be built urgently for a single Ugandan mother with her kids, mother-in-law and grandma. Hitherto they lived in a mud hut. The Schnitzer Group team was and is impressed by this project and wanted to support it actively. The construction could be started in the meantime. As significantly more money was raised as expected, an additional well could be financed.




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