Team Turin

All of Northern Italy is shaped by medium-sized businesses. Many small but high-output companies form an ideal procurement region for OEMs, suppliers, toolmakers and component providers.

Turin has, in past years, been an automotive cluster primarily based around Fiat. The area continues to benefit from its outstanding infrastructure and transportation accessibility in a strong economic region south of the Alps.

Lorenzo Ossi, who has been working in toolmaking for over 30 years, started at Schnitzer Group in 2007. His strong connections in Italian supplier circles and in the Schnitzer team around the world, his expert knowledge in automotive toolmaking and plastic injection molding as well as his flexibility and dedication, make him a popular employee at Schnitzer Group. His language skills provide a very strong benefit to customers. Italian is his first language, and he also speaks English and German at an outstanding level.

Schnitzer Group Lorenzo Ossi

Lorenzo Ossi

Location Italy



+39 347 9826880