Team Charlotte

The international networking of the automotive industry in Europe, Asia and the US made it necessary to establish a corporate office in the US. In 2015, Schnitzer USA Inc. was launched – based on the first American automotive customers of Schnitzer Group and the direct flight from Munich to Charlotte, North Carolina. This area also enjoys a moderate climate and the location is only a short distance away from Schnitzer customers BMW, Daimler and VW. Not to mention the extensive German community, which makes it possible to get settled in quickly.

German engineering is held in high esteem in the US, along with the deep technical knowledge, high flexibility and the international technical networking within the industry and at Schnitzer Group around the world. The Schnitzer teams are hired in the US specifically because of their very strong technical knowledge of tooling. Customers also appreciate their characteristically "German" traits of sensitivity, efficiency and reliability. Robert Fäller, who previously spent many years working for Schnitzer Group in Germany and China, is currently at the helm of Schnitzer Group USA and managing the teams.

Schnitzer Group Robert Faeller

Robert Fäller

CEO North America



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